Fuel price in India changes every day and price varies by fuel providers, state, district, city and fuel stations.You can check the fuel prices in all varities of changes.

Fuel service providers, Hindustan Petroluem Corporation Ltd (HPCL), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL), Shell India changes fuel price every day.

Fuelistic is the only innovative fuel price check app in India. We are adding more mind blowing features in upcoming versions.

Why Fuelistic?

  • One stop shop solution for fuel price check. Yep stop browsing various apps and websites for checking fuel price.
  • Travel vendors, save your fuel expenses by checking the lowest fuel prices.
  • Saving is an income. Regular vehicle commuters, start earning income by saving on fuel price. Check out the updated fuel price.
  • Vacation travel mates, save money on fuel and spend more on your vacation.
  • Informative fuel analysis helps wise spending on fuel.
  • Let fuel price not hike your weekly/monthly budget.

Our Features:

  • Fuel prices included Petrol and Diesel.
  • Simple and light weighted app.
  • Accurate price listings.
  • No unwanted permissions.

Exclusive features:

  • Exclusive features.
  • Price comparision.
  • Location based price check.
  • Route based price check.
  • Customized notification (On fuel price down near by location, higest and lowest price based on location, price changes based on city & district).
  • Feedback system for fuel stations.

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