Oracle PL/SQL

PL/SQL is Oracle Procedural Language extension of SQL. PL/SQL program have both Procedural statement and SQL statements. PL/SQL training program is intense course designed to provide hands on exposure to PL/SQL. This course includes in-class excercise and students will be guided with PL/SQL coding techniques.

On the successfull completion of this course, student will be able to:

1. Understand the features and syntax of PL/SQL.
2. PL/SQL procedures and packages.
3. Able to handle run time errors using Exceptions.
4. Able to filter tha data using conditions.

To successfully complete a course you must score 80% or higher in final assessments by IHTC that covers all concepts. Upon successful completion of the course, IHTC certificate of recognition would be provided to the participants who are completed successfully.

Course Cost
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Approx. 2 months
Skill Level
Included in Course
  • Live Classroom Training
  • Life Time Access
  • 2 Real World Data Problems - Solve & Practice
  • Highly Experienced Faculties
  • Exclusive Course Content
  • Real World CaseStudy
  • Career Oriented hands on exercises
  • 20 Hrs Coding Practices

Target Audience

Before procedding this course, learner should have basic understanding of concepts like database, execution of program.Knowlendge on basic SQL is added advantage.

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